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Over the years, education has experienced relevant changes in its development, management and communication. For this reason, we can affirm that we are at a crucial moment in the history of education, since the academy, as we knew it, is currently experiencing revolutionary changes, and that is why it’s essential for educational institutions adapting to these changes if they want to continue leading the educational sector.

Adaptation brings growth, quality improvements, innovation, competitiveness and, of course, increased sales. From Scala Learning, as OPM, we are here to help higher education institutions transition to these new changes, expand academic offerings and be part of the digital transformation that is essential today.

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How to grow and maintain the level demanded by the education sector today?

Being at the forefront of current changes is a challenge for organizations that must constantly respond to them in order to achieve objectives and generate growth. Therefore, the academy plays an essential role in training new talents to meet the requirements of the job market. 

Educational institutions can be part of this dynamic considering the following:

  • Understanding the accelerated changes in the different economic sectors and the new business figures (such as, for example: startups).
  • Adopting technical knowledge and soft skills training. 
  • Adjusting to the new society and its generational and cultural transitions.
  • Incorporating in their processes new technologies that help them to support and improve the quality of the services offered. 
  • Offering programs that prepare the future generations for the new roles demanded by the organizations.


As an institution grows, it is important for it to focus on its core business, which is providing quality education to its students. Among the best practices that universities could incorporate is the opportunity to outsource some processes in order to boost their business operations and incorporate, within their educational programs, an offer that responds to the current needs. Activities such as marketing and program virtualization, among others, are some of the services that specialized companies, called OPMs, can offer institutions to improve their business.

What is an OPM?

According to its acronym, it is an online program manager and provider and its main function is to offer educational institutions multiple services to expand or include virtual programs in their academic offerings.

Why do universities trust OPM more?

Because they are specialized and dedicated education marketing companies, they employ specialized teams to research the education market and trendy strategies to attract the attention of potential students.  At Scala Learning, we have more than 10 years of experience working as partners for universities, providing education to more than 150 thousand students around the world, although we break the walls of the OPM, since in addition to marketing, our specialty is the closing, providing our partners with their college tuition.

Which are the services provided by an OPM?

OPMs provide a strategic execution plan for higher education institutions in order to align the practices of portfolios, programs and projects with organizational strategies and objectives, customizing each one according to their needs. They contribute to change, from the way the content is developed and who delivers it, improving the student experience and the business models that manage them. 

Among the services offered by Scala Learning, as a partner of higher education institutions, are:

Scala Learning OPM

Development of digital marketing strategies and business intelligence, including the development of communication plans with the student for the attraction, generation and maturation of leads.

Scala Learning

Student engagement plan attending each of the steps of this process that includes attraction, conversion and sales closing.

Scala Learning OPM

Recruitment and retention of students with continuous accompaniment and support in order to encourage them to continue their studies and generate new college tuitions.

Scala Learning OPM

Technological solutions with different types of e-learning platforms that have a flexible, dynamic, integrable and safe model for each of the internal and external processes of the organization.

In order to keep the international quality, our team has local experts responsible for interpreting the knowledge of the target market, developing case studies and supporting the implementation of the programs. 

At Scala Learning we aim to be the link between educational institutions and people allowing them, through access to quality virtual education and the constant pursuit of learning, to achieve their dreams and generate an impact on the world. 

If you want your academic institution to be part of the digital transformation of education, contact us

Jéssica López

Scala Learning editorial team


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