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30 Enero, 2023

Educational Marketing:
a choice for institutions

There is no doubt that higher education institutions are going through a period of disruption.  Millennials, the new generation of students, have different expectations of universities than their parents did. They demand more flexible and cost-effective solutions for studying, working and living, without sacrificing the quality of their education.

Students today value personalization over standardization in education. This has led to an increase in the number of online programs and degree completion programs. At the same time, the number of on-campus students has declined as more people choose to study online or self-study at home rather than attend classes on a college campus five days a week for two semesters a year.


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  • Educational marketing: a choice for institutions
    • What is educational marketing
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    • Benefits of educational marketing.
    • Educational marketing as a business strategy in private universities
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The future of higher education is uncertain, but with the right educational marketing strategy, institutions can gain a competitive advantage by capitalizing on their strengths and mitigating their weaknesses. Let’s see how advertising for educational institutions can empower institutions to meet these needs.

What is educational marketing?

Educational marketing is the process of applying the fundamentals of marketing to educational institutions in order to attract the attention of the desired target audience, retain current students, and implement strategies to increase the tuition of a university or other educational institution. Within this process, various methods are used to create and promote educational content such as courses and videos, research articles, and dynamic infographics to attract potential customers.

The OPMs are companies that provide digital marketing services to educational institutions.

Actions in educational marketing

In order to talk about marketing for educational institutions, the following aspects must be identified: 

These aspects respond to the need of educational centers to show what happens in each one of them and the benefits that the students can have.

Benefits of educational marketing

It is an effective way to attract new customers and increase sales. In this way, education marketing can be a powerful way to differentiate an institution from a competitor.

In addition, by creating a brand and implementing marketing strategies for educational centers, it is possible to create brand awareness and increase sales, achieving student recruitment and customer retention. As well as building a positive image that reflects commitment to students and prospects, demonstrating interest in their needs and concerns. 

Marketing in educational institutions requires prior studies to design appropriate strategies. Through it, educational centers can


These strategies are perfect to achieve a good positioning in the community. 

Nowadays, educational marketing uses the inbound marketing methodology, which combines advertising and marketing techniques without being intrusive to capture the target audience and achieve conversions. 

As educational marketers, we provide opportunities by helping educational institutions grow, learn here how we can help you achieve this goal.

Educational marketing as a business strategy in private universities

Admissions marketing is the process of attracting and engaging prospective students. There are many ways to do this: website content, social media, email marketing, etc. Each university has a unique set of marketing needs that can be addressed in many different ways.

This is why the importance of marketing in private universities has increased dramatically over the past decade. Student demand for educational services is growing. As a result, private universities have the opportunity to expand their revenue streams through marketing activities. This can include a variety of activities, such as traditional advertising campaigns and social media marketing.

It’s important to consider the different opportunities and challenges associated with marketing for private universities. For example, there are unique challenges associated with student recruitment. There are also reputation management issues. Understanding these issues and applying best practices from other industries, such as an education marketing plan, can increase the chances of success in private university marketing.

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Educational marketing plan

An appropriate plan provides benefits such as: positioning, which allows us to identify what the target audience needs and what they are looking for, so we can offer them appropriate content to increase their attention and consideration in choosing the best option among the wide range of educational offers. It also achieves effective communication, essential in the educational environment, always in a bidirectional, coherent and fluid way. In addition, it’s necessary to offer ideal services, to know in depth the profile, characteristics and needs of prospects and students in order to create accurate and quality educational offers. 

In addition, a successful education marketing plan can help your institution to:


In conclusion, educational marketing is a crucial aspect of the commercialization process of educational institutions. This type of marketing for educational institutions has the potential to communicate valuable information about the educational institution to prospective students who may be interested in enrolling in it. As well as to retain current students and increase enrollment. There are many types of marketing for educational institutions that can be used, from traditional forms such as advertising and sponsorship, to digital, interactive and experiential marketing. The most effective technique is the one that best suits each institution and can bring the greatest success.

Educational marketing strategies are necessary to ensure that an institution’s educational offerings are a viable option for students considering higher education.

In addition, an educational marketing plan is a document that helps a marketing team or individual at an educational institution optimize its marketing efforts by researching, analyzing, prioritizing, and implementing the most effective strategies.

Finally, if you need to implement an educational marketing plan in your institution, Scala Learning has an innovative model that is not only flexible, but also develops the best practices for transformation, growth and positioning in our partner universities. 

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